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  • Interested in having a better relationship with your dog?
  • Facing behavior challenges that have you concerned?
  • Wondering if you could have a more well mannered pup?
  • Want to know more about the benefits of getting your pup off to a good start?

One of the reasons i became very interested in becoming a trainer was because of my experiences trying to navigate the very confusing world of dog training methods. Through much reading and experience with different dogs and dog trainers i began to understand the power of using positive training over punishment based methods.

This journey continued and led me to the Northwest School of Canine Studies where i graduated valedictorian in the class of 2011. I have never been more excited about dogs. My life mission is to help people understand the dog in their life, and to help foster a fun peaceful and rewarding relationship.

The last 15 years has seen an explosion of science based behavioral study about dogs, how they learn, why they behave the way they do and the issues that can arise based on how we relate to and understand our dogs. Learning about why our dogs behave the way they do, how to communicate effectively with them and how they learn is essential to helping them be their best. Positive, science based training is essential.

If you are looking for private dog training sessions

I can help with

  • Behavior evaluation
  • Puppy preparedness
  • Manners and life skills training
  • Dog park assessment
  • Leash walking recipes for success
  • Potty training
  • Separation anxiety
  • Jumping on people
  • Leash reactivity problems
  • Success in multi-dog households
  • Kids and dogs 
  • 1.5 hour consultation- $200, includes notes, links, videos, personalized training plan, and follow up support
  • follow up sessions $85 per hour, $40 per 1/2 hour
  • Puppy Right Start (prices vary based on packages-contact for info)

Recommended reading

Here are some great training books that changed my life with dogs – you may enjoy them as well!

  • The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
  • The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
  • Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor
  • Meet Your Dog by Kim Brophey
  • Social, Civil, and Savvy by Laura Van Arendonk Baugh
  • Before and After Getting Your Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • When Pigs Fly by Jane Killion
  • Control Unleashed- The Puppy Program by Leslie McDevitt

from the training clients….

It was a dynamite pleasure have you run Lily and I through the ropes…I do believe there is hope! I felt much relief after our session and I am supremely appreciative! Thank you. Susan M

It was truly a pleasure to meet and learn from you. I can see my kids adore you, especially Tobie.
Thank you for sending me a very thorough and detailed assessment. I do appreciate how you provide rationales to everything you’ve suggested. I will use these as a point of reference to train Tobie, and to educate people who come in contact with Tobie. Eka H

Thank you so much Pam! The session with you was great and we REALLY appreciate the write up that you did. We are working with Vader and developing our skills. It seems like we are making some incremental progress!! Kim A

A quick update on our considerable progress! Following your recipe we’ve had tremendous success. Nico’s fear of our front stairs is now almost a complete non-issue. So we’re doing great, and I am grateful for your help. I’ll let you know if things change, but for now, things are terrific! Andrew G

Hey Pam, I just wanted to let you know that Carl is doing great with his training exercises. He’s even done really well sharing coveted items with Juneau.Thanks again for your help on this. It’s been super helpful for all of us! Lauren E

Thank you so much for your detailed follow-up! We are so excited to be working with you and have already put into practice a lot of the things we worked on in-person. We will review these resources that you sent over to keep him engaged and happy. Stephanie H

I just had a random thought that I think that you might appreciate.
During a recent graduation, the keynote speaker said a really meaningful thing about encouraging society to change in a positive way. “Seek accountability through love not punishment.” A major reason why I appreciate the style and principles you follow when training dogs can be found in this idea. I have always said that training in this way makes me feel better participating and makes me feel like I’m becoming a better person. I now think it’s because I do become a better person by training from a place of love. Thank you for being a part of our life. Lana T

-This is all so wonderfully helpful. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am. I was very moved by how much more aware I became of what Ellie is going through as a result of our session. Thank you.
I bought marrow bones for Ellie yesterday, and we have been scattering treats and practicing going in and out without drama. I know we caused this problem and we are both committed to working on it so that Ellie doesn’t feel so anxious. Page U

 What fantastic resources!
I also really liked that you summarized the main points of our visit. Some of it is hard to encapsulate, so your writing it down made it more clear to me and will ensure that our whole family is in the same page.
I think it would be great to have another session with you once we’ve implemented some of what you’ve taught us. Trena R

I was hesitant about trying puppy prozac, but I feel it was absolutely the right thing to do so Tiva could grow out of her fear state. To see her now manage her fear is truly rewarding. I don’t think we would be where we are today without your calm and gentle coaching and encouragement.
Kat M

Thanks Pam!
It was great meeting with you. I feel like I have a lot to work with instead of just feeling clueless!
I actually took Griffin on a walk yesterday @ Steward Park and he did AWESOME. He was really responsive to treats and only had one minor barking/spinning time. Which was amazing because there were a million people and dogs there. Prepping him about a dog coming his way seems to make a big difference. I think previously I was always thinking oh crap, here comes a dog and feeling stressed so he was probably picking up on that.
Thanks so much! Tracy V

Regarding continued improvement, YES! Yesterday we did our morning walk (unintentionally) just when all of the school buses were coming down the street, nearly one after the other. Not only did Holly not react, but she sat down and turned to look at me when a couple of them went by! She of course got lots of treats and praise! So, I continue to be encouraged!
thanks again! Paula H

Pam, you’re just awesome!
The phone call we had was so helpful, and I’m inspired and excited by the possibilities.
Your note has wonderful information, and I just made several purchases based on the links and information you provided.
Also, this very night for the first time I fed Rugby his entire 2 cups of kibble in his big Kong (in the past I just did a snack-sized portion) — he was ECSTATIC and had a blast working his meal out of that Kong. He’s conked out on the couch now after his meal extravaganza and a long walk in the park.
Can’t wait to meet you and have you meet Rugby to help plot a continued happy course forward.
Thank so much! Steve K