Welcome to CoPilot Dog Walks

…a unique small business specializing in off leash dog park trips, leash walks and private training. Seattle dog owners are very lucky to have Marymoor Dog Park among their choices for off leash exercise and this is where I take my play group on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. We spend an hour and a half each trip running, playing, swimming, training and socializing.

Copilot Dog Walks has been specializing in off leash play group dog park trips since 2003!  Dogs are screened for temperament and play skills to be sure they can be a successful fit. Dogs are picked up and dropped off in their home and we spend a minimum of 1.5  hours at Marymoor Dog Park. Dogs may be out of the house anywhere from 3 to 4.5 hours with drive time during the middle of the day. (roughly between 10 am and 3pm)

Each trip is $32 (5 times a week is $30 per trip)

tuesdays and thursdays are leash walking days.....

15 min potty break $20

30 min $25

40 min $32

1 hour $40

ride along $40 (spend half or all of the day doing multiple walks w pals and some play dates)

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