About Pam


Hi, I am Pam Barger and I have been working with dogs since 2003 when I started my off leash dog walking business. A year before, my partner and I had adopted a 9 year old Malamute who still needed an immense amount of exercise. Getting him enough exercise felt like a full time job (which I enjoyed a lot more than my other job) so I decided to turn it into one! My fascination with behavior and play dynamics took a forefront. In 2011 I was accepted into the Northwest School of Canine Studies where I graduated valedictorian. I taught puppy classes for 6 1/2 years at Seattle Puppyworks and currently do private in home training sessions in central Seattle.

Positive, Force Free, Certified dog training based in Science

  • Family Dog Mediation certificate 2022
  • Certificate in Canine Studies from the Northwest School of Canine Studies class of 2011
  • Licensed Bonded and Insured
  • Dog CPR trained
  • Member Pet Sitters Associates

From the walking clients...

“Thank you Pam, you are the best dog walker that ever was and ever shall be”…Darren

“I don’t know what i would do without you. I can’t give my dog all the attention she deserves and when she is with you, i know she is getting loved as much as I love her. You are the equivalent of getting your kid into the best private school, but for your dog.” Jody M

“Alma has been going with Pam for about 10 years now. On days when I am working from home and get to witness the experience, I see Alma at her absolute happiest when Pam is picking her up. Pam is a wonderful, caring, responsible, attentive dog walker, with so much joy for what she does that we simply couldn’t imagine not having her as part of our life.” Robin K

“I cannot say enough great things about Pam. Our standard poodle has enjoyed outings with her for years.

He is pooped after a day with Pam and i only wish he loved me as much as he does her.” Jeff W

“I couldn’t ask for a more knowlegeable person to help with our dog’s boundless energy. We all know sometimes it does take avillage…and Pam seems to be that village all rolled up into one person! absolutley tops.” Kirby K

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